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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 11 -13: My Sis Is Not Doin' Well

Hi Friends,

The last few days have been emotional. My big sister Michele, who we last saw on the Blog dancing & laughing at The Buggy Whip, has had a bad turn of events with her health. Here she is pictured with one of our oldest friends from middle school, Farrel, in a more celebratory mood.
Earlier this week she had intense pain in her neck which led to an MRI which led to her being admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for observation. When someone you love is ill and the illness is unexplained you are very worried. We have all been upset about the lack of a diagnosis to what she actually has, if anything then a sore neck!

Everyday we strive to be healthy and when someone in your circle is not healthy everything is put into perspective. All else ceases to be important when your health is not in order. Its been a frustrating ordeal not being able to get answers to what is going on, despite the fact that we know she is receiving quality medical attention & more importantly some really great drugs! They've got her pretty doped up on pain medication to help ease her pain. I asked her if she could share them ... but I never did get an answer!

In all seriousness, we all say the most important thing in life is our health, and the truth is, it really is... when you are not well you can't continue being the productive, loving & fun person you are because you don't feel well!

Here's to Michele recovering so she can dance for us again with the piano man at The Buggy Whip!

Michele we love you & wish you healthy thoughts!


Farrel said...

just saw this...any news on Michele?
so sorry to hear this.
I agree...when you don't have health nothing else really matters.
sending love and healing to her and you.
farrel xox

Terry Gibson said...

Hang in there Robyn and Michele because good energy is being sent to you for healing. love Terry

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