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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 8: Recycable Bags & Everything Else!

Am I the only one that feels guilty when I forget to bring my recyclable grocery bags to the market? Even with the best of intentions of always putting the bags back in the car after I've unloaded the groceries, somehow I keep forgetting! Or how about when I forget to floss every morning & evening. Or when I don't remember to do my keigle exercises. Is it just me or is the up keep to get through the day becoming just too damn much!

Don't forget to brush & floss. Don't forget to use your eye cream and nighttime moisturizer. And are you exercising everyday? A recent report said women over 40 need to get 30 minutes of cardio workout daily just to maintain. Shit I don't want to maintain I want to keep improving. And then there's the twice yearly paps smear exam -- always a highlight of the year. And the yearly mammogram, and the dental visits so my teeth don't fall out, and the manicures & pedicures, and the facials if you're lucky to have the time & funds. Then there's the hair grooming maintenance. I've way passed color & cuts and now have low lights & highlights, and extensions! And then there's the eyebrows. Not just waxing because when you are as light haired as I am you also have to color your eyebrows & eyelashes. Oh my gosh I'm exhausted reading this post myself. I have not even touched on clothes, shoes and accessories that we are required to keep up with. Spring is here and summer is coming ... do you have your summer wardrobe... and how about the bikini bod to go with it!

And then there's the charity work we all want to do for our children's school, our churches & synagogues, our neighborhoods. You feel guilty again if you're not doing it just like those market recyclable bags! Then there's thank you notes to write, and phone calls to check in on all the relatives, and if you know me, you know that's a lot of calls for me to make in a week! And you want to eat healthy so there's the constant attention to buying green & lean and trying to cook meals that please everyone in the house while still aiming to eat good. There's birthday parties to plan & attend, and RSVP response cards to return (hopefully in a timely fashion). There's relationships to maintain be it friends, spouses, partners, parents, siblings, children, co-workers - they all require attention. The family pet too needs grooming and nails clipped!

And how is it that technology has made life easier? Yes we can check our emails & texts while on the road, but that means we need to check them and respond. Another task. And if you FaceBook, Twitter, or Blog in the cyber world there's that to maintain daily too! I have not even mentioned a paying gig -- this is all what has to be done before we step into the office -- whether your office is a cubicle or a corner view, or your lap top in the coffee joint, it's all work and it's a demand!

I used to say I was tired the minute my feet hit the carpet in the morning just thinking about all that had to be accomplished in a day. That still hasn't changed. I feel that the demand to look as good as we want to look takes endless energy and now we also have to remember those damn recyclable grocery bags!

Are we tired yet?


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