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Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 7: Hot Women Kicked Out of Dive Bar

Okay you can't make this material up... I swear it is true! For those of you who know me well, you know I like a good old fashion established bar & restaurant with red leather booths & strong martini's. I much prefer this type of venue to a trendy hot spot! So in honor of my birthday a few girlfriends wanted to take me to one of my favorite dive places when I returned from New York. Last year about 25 of us went out to this spot to celebrate my birthday and to cheer me up after losing the campaign! So we thought we'd go to the same joint this year. Well what a surprise when we learned they didn't want us! Can you believe that! The restaurant manager said we were too loud & boisterous (g-d forbid you should have fun anymore!) ...

Now keep in mind that the average age of the patrons at this place is boarding on 80, so yeah I guess having hot 40 year old women boozing it up would add a little too much color to the joint! Well you can imagine my aghast when my sister Michele called me to say "we are not invited to
drink & dine at Billingsley's" ... I thought it was a joke until she laid out our crimes: Laughing too much, spending too much money, smiling too much, pretty too much, having too much fun! I feel like such a criminal! I gotta say I've tied one on many a times in these 49 years, but I have never been kicked out of a bar before I even got started!

Needless to say we are all banning Billingsley's even though I've been a regular customer for years! Fortunately we found a new stomping ground for my posse of girls. THE BUGGY WHIP is my new favorite place! We drank & dined and even enjoyed fabulous piano music from the very talented piano man. Things started to heat up when Michele began to dance and her leg ended up on the piano (see picture above). I thought oh know we're gonna get kicked out of here too! But nope the owners of The Buggy Whip are classy and Mrs. Paul (the owner) sent over desserts for us lovely ladies! I mean who wouldn't want us gussying up their place!

The food was yummy, drinks delicious, service with a smile, music an added bonus and most of all surrounded by my girls -- from my junior high school pals who have all stayed connected for all these many years -- a big shout out to Farrel, Jill & Stacy -- to my sisters Michele & Linda - to my newer friends and my rock solid standby gal pals, it just goes to show you it's less about where you are and more about who you are sharing your table with. My table was filled to capacity!

PS: So if you are as outraged as we are please ban Billingsley's and join us at our new favorite watering hole THE BUGGY WHIP ... it's classic old school just the way I like to live it up!

PSS: We have video of our dancing escapades which I'll put up in my next post!


Anonymous said...

If you put that video up, I will kill you! I had so much fun with you and all the girls. xox :)

Anonymous said...

you look soooooo cute in these photos RRS~~ can't believe you ladies got kicked out, omg!!

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