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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 5 & 6: Your Thoughts ... Thank You !

Hi friends,

Wow... I never knew that writing a Birthday Blog would inspire so many people to reflect on their own lives! I want to thank you for all the poignant messages you sent about age, life and happiness. When you launch a new project you are not always sure what the reception will be, but I am overwhelmed with how generous people have been with their thoughts! Like these words of encouragement from my dear friend Pam:

Dear Robbie, Happy Birthday my young friend! Fantastic idea to find, feel, express & share those ever so unbelievably thoughts that travel, wonder & take us down that path we call life! I look forward to reading your blog in hopes you can shed some light on my path. It is so bumpy lately (very bumpy)! Loved the movie Julia & Julie! Love, you too!

This space is an outlet for my followers & friends to express what's on their mind resulting in the most insightful thoughts! Something about birthdays that make people take stock in their lives ... where they have been the past year, where they are heading in the coming year... disappointments & successes ... New Year's is similar, however, that's when everyone is experiencing self reflection , a birthday is just for you, it's personal and it also adds another year on to your age which can jolt the best of us. If your thoughts are any indication of what lies ahead for me, I'm in for a good ride this year! Keep the inspirational thoughts coming!


Anonymous said...

It is really refreshing to have someone be so honest and forthright with their thoughts and insights. Thanks for sharing yourself with us Robyn! We admire you and appreciate your leadership and friendship!

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