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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 4: What Do Boobs Really Mean to Women?

Hi friends,

I had intended to write more about my escapades in the Big Apple as well as other thoughts swirling around in this Blond head of mine until one of my oldest & dearest friends sent me a message today that rocked my locks of curls ... I asked her if it would be okay to share her message with the world as I strongly believe that her insight is a message women should hear - especially those going through breast cancer ...

Ironically, her message arrived on the same day that the Today Show produced a segment about the significance of Hair for women and its importance to us ... hair along with Boobs can be a defining body image for many women, and I am no exception ... a bad hair cut or bad hair day can truly effect your day ... and sagging breasts at my age in life is a timely conversation topic among my peers ... but then a friend shared with me what she's going through and I realized that those drooping breasts should be celebrated instead of dreaded ...

A Brave & Insightful Friend Wrote to me Today:

I am getting my implant out tomorrow, and my breast will just be one deflated piece of skin with a nipple still attached, thank G-d they can save the nipple, until the tissue heals in about a year. At that time I will get both implants redone, G-d willing. Which brings me to this ... Take some sexy pictures of yourself showing off your breasts - they are such a beautiful thing on a woman's body and I think its something we take for granted. They will never look as good as they do right now because gravitation takes place every day - hide the pictures in a safe place just for your own keeping, maybe share them with your husband or significant other. I kept trying to find a camera with a remote before I started radiation to do the same and never could. I wanted to take some photos, not only for me, but for Steve too because he is such a tit man. Now, for the next year, I will be having sex while in a Fredrick's of Hollywood or Victoria Secrets outfit to hide my boob. I know it could be so much worse, believe me. So, remember to do this. Robyn, make this a birthday present to yourself - seriously!

My dear Friend YES I will make this a Birthday present to cherish my body, my friends and their boobs and realize that a little sagging is far better then cancer and the pain my friend is going through ...


Anonymous said...

This is so touching. I cried. Thank you for sharing it Robyn.

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