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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 2 & 3: Martini's in Manhattan

Hi friends,

We had a few glitches with the Blog, which is why a post didn't go up yesterday, but all should be up and running smoothly now! Below is yesterday's post .... I'll be posting more than once today to make up for lost time :)

Wow! What an adventure I had in New York visiting the kid sister Jennifer! Have not been to the Big Apple in some 13 years and even then I was tugging along 3 toddlers and not really able to absorb the shopping & eating side of such a rich city! Sister was a GREAT host & tour guide and my gal pal Lisa and I didn't leave a Chanel store undiscovered. Same for all the great shoe departments New York has to offer. What is it about shopping for handbags & shoes!?! And wow did we eat! The food was DELICIOUS! I could write an entire blog on the restaurants we visited and the meals we ate ... and of course the Martini's !

Yes everything was great about being in New York to usher in my 49th birthday, but the best part is that when you return home your perspective on your own life is refreshed. You realize the family will survive without you and perhaps they too enjoyed the break from the family unit. Everyone needs a break from their routine. It allows you time to think, ponder, dream and live a little different then how you do on a regular basis. And while being away these past few days allowed me to be free from my daily responsibilities, the old adage There's no place like home, is really true. Home is where my heart is with the people I cherish. While I'm already looking forward to my next adventure away from the routine, tonight I look forward to my bed and Temperpedic pillow!

p.s. Better photos to come! This one is a little grainy but it was the end of the Birthday night (in the limo) celebration. And since gal-pal Lisa lost her camera (with the GREAT photos, in a taxi in NY) my sister Jennifer had to take this with her cell ... oh well!

More later ...


Anonymous said...

Robyn, you are SO cute!!!!!!! Love that photo!

Anonymous said...

Ola Chica. what a great picture! Happy birthday! you have always been my inspiration to be a better woman. I look forward to 49...I am right behind you! Love Lissa

Lisa said...

Hi Robyn,
What a great idea! I love that your blogging and I love that I was part of your big day on April 17th!
I had such a wonderful time with you in NY. The food, the drinks and the laughter.
Memories for life (plus that's all we have since I lost my camera)!
I look forward to this wonderful year long journey with you.
Enjoy everyday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Robyn so sorry it has taken me so long to go onto your site. MORE importantly how are you doing? i know you had the stomach issues, but thanks for finally explainging what is going on. And Michele, WOW, PLEASE give he our best. I hope that she was released from Cedars and is doing well. IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, please let me know.

Hugs and good thoughts,


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