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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Birthday April 17, 2010

My Birthday is today! Happy 49th Birthday to Me ...

Top Five Intentions Before 50
1. Run a Marathon
2. Attend Law School
3. Finish My Book
4. Be A Political Reporter (again!)
5. Be As Physically Fit & Healthy As Possible

note: I would say "Own at least one handbag from all my favorite designers" however, I am aiming to be more spiritual with my top five goals - haha!

Top 5 That Won't Happen Before 50
1. I won't stop drinking Martini's
2. I won't go under the knife for plastic surgery
3. I won't hang out with people that annoy me
4. I won't continue to beat myself up for losing two political campaigns
5. I won't ever stop calling my hubby & boys delicious!

But for today, I am in New York City with my kid sister (Jennifer) and wonderful friend (Lisa) about to embrace all that Manhattan has to offer -- including good coffee to start the day! Here is to a fabulous year ahead!


Robin Sax said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MANY MANY MANY MORE. I love this idea! You continue to be an inspiration and a role model. Happy 49!
Much love,
Your fan Robin

Jennifer said...

I'm so proud of you and can't believe you're here celebrating with me in NYC!!!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, You are fabulous!!!!

Terry Gibson said...

If I could sing, I would be singing "Happy Birthday to you" etc etc. This will be a great year for you and I look forward to seeing you and getting a big hug on May 15th. Love, Terry

Lizza M said...

HAPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY Robyn!!! I am sooooooooo excited for you. What a great adventure you are about to embark on. I love that I get to go along for the ride. :) You can honestly never stop inspiring me. I hope you and the girls have fun taking over the Big Apple!! GO ARIES POWER!! LOL.

Pamela H. Meyer, ASID, CID said...

HI Robyn:
Happy Birthday!
We've never met but your husband I believe probably gave you my contact.
I'm just about to turn 54 and honestly it's only a number. There are so many more important things in life than your age. Someday you will hopefully look back and think how young you were at 49 and 50,etc. Remember 39? Doesn't that sound awfully young?
Hope to meet you someday. If you'd like you can e-mail me at
I'm from New York so it is very near and dear to my heart. Have a wonderful b-day!
Pam Meyer

Robert said...

Happy Birthday, Robin. From one who has long passed that milestone, you are in for an adventure. But a strong woman like you looks pretty game. As they say---one day at a time.

Many more wonderful birthdays.---Bob Zeidner

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! I can't wait to catch up with you when you return. have a great time in NYC - my favorite nite spot is Cafe Wha in the Village if you get a chance. They have a great cover band and yummy sangrias. You are such an inspiration to me - I am so glad you and Melissa hired me at the Chamber - I hope to be as great as you when i turn the little 49 - only 12 more years to go!!

David Eads said...

Robyn, you crack me up!! Congratulations on turning the big 49...i'm only 1 year and 9 days behind you in reaching the big I know where you're coming from. Can't wait to see your blog posts during your year-long journey.

Rachel Elster said...

Dear Robyn, Happy 49th to you . What a great way to bring in 50! when you get back we will celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn!
What a great idea, to blog the year away.
My mother toasted me at 40 and told me 40 was better than 30 AND 50 was better than 40 - so here we come!!
love to you and yours,
Nancy A.

Anonymous said...

Love you, Love that you're doing this, and look forward to loving more... AGAIN, Happy Birthday! The picture of you and Lisa is adorable you two look fab-u-lous! xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn!

Happy birthday! You need to add an RSS and a Twitter feed so that we can follow you anywhere! Looking forward to hearing about your road to 50.


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