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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 358: 7 Days to 50

Wow! Hard to believe we are closing in on one year since I launched my Birthday Blog! Oh my goodness one week from today I will be 50 years old and will have BLOGGED faithfully daily for an entire year.... wow!! Yippee for me! Kudos to me! Snaps for me for sure!!!

What an accomplishment to set goals and see them through to fruition. Not only did I keep my commitment to BLOG daily, but to also train tirelessly to run my first Marathon, which I completed as well. And to enter my 50s healthy & happy!
Wow again for me. Snaps again for me!!!

I can not impress upon you all enough how important it is that we set goals for ourselves. For us personally, for our career, families, relationships and do whatever we can to keep those commitments and see them through till completion... it's been a wonderful year from 49 to almost 50 ... hard to believe I was in New York one year ago plotting my strategy to BLOG and to run a marathon ... and PUFF one year later and I can check those items off my TO DO list... feels great!


Anonymous said...

So proud of you Robyn! Love you!! xo

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