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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 357: Powerful Women

Powerful day! A room full of energetic women!

I spoke at the
West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference this morning and stayed to soak up some of the terrific speakers throughout the day.

Pictured here with me is Genevieve Morrill President & CEO of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and one of our terrific lunchtime panelists. So enjoyed her remarks!

I was hired to kick off the morning session and get the attendees energized for the day ahead of them. I believe I succeeded in making all participants feel comfortable and good about their choice to spend their Saturday at the Conference!

These are some of my remarks which I shared with attendees:
We are all works-in-progress no matter what age or stage of life we are in. Continuing to learn and grow is healthy and vital to staying current and fresh. Sometimes a new idea can aid us in viewing our work, our family, or community from a different lens. We are never finished; we should always aspire to be better, stronger, and more purposeful.

Later in the afternoon I supported my NWPC sisters Lindsay Bubar & Betsy Johnson as they led a workshop on How to Get Elected or Appointed to Office.

Pictured here is me attending the workshop and sharing a funny antidote from my campaign trails!

There's something very powerful & invigorating when you spend the day in the company of talented, strong and passionate women... all sharing their ideas, thoughts and energy. I applaud the organizers of the conference and hope that all who attended enjoyed their day!

Go Women Power!


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