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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 352: Exercise, Politics & Motherhood

Started the day with a very intense workout - The Bar Method! If you have not tried these classes yet, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out! Very intense, specific body sculpting! I must have done 40 push-ups and my back muscles are feeling the effects of such a workout! Wow! Yikes...

Then it was off to meet with Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee along with some of my National Women's Political Caucus sisters. Betty is eying the State Controller's seat for the year 2014. Crazy to think that to run a state wide campaign in California you have to begin laying your groundwork so many years in advance. But that's the way it's done, especially if you are serious and want to garner as much support as possible. Betty is on target on all the issues I care about... check her out if you get the chance and I'm sure I'll be spreading her candidacy more with you over the next few years!

Then it was off to the hand specialist to have Spencer checked again. Spencer was hit on his left hand by a pitch and it cracked his bone! Can you believe it, cracked his bone in his hand! He's been in a brace for two weeks and not able to play ball. Doc said he is recovering & healing and can get back to practices later this week. Thank goodness there's no permanent damage.

Then we headed to Santa Monica Seafood to pick up fresh fish for dinner... oh my goodness, I'm exhausted. Too many activities on the agenda, too much to pay attention to ...

I'm off to bed now.


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