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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 331: 202 Calendar Project is On Baby

I hosted our National Women's Political Caucus communications meeting tonight and it was very productive. Among the many issues we covered, the one I'm most excited to share is that the NWPC Women's Leadership Calendar is on!

For those of you who joine
d me for three years at our calendar event, you know it's a super inspiring evening and one that I, along with Board members, Jill Prestup and Rebecca Simon, birthed several years ago.

The Board opted to skip production of a calendar last year for various reasons, but this year we are back on! This is an event where we get to showcase 12 outstanding women leaders in our community.

We also get to celebrate the success of our LA Westside chapter by honoring our endorsed women candidates, acknowledging our partners in the community who work with us to elect more pro choice women to office, and to provide a fabulous socializing event for our membership.

If you are a NWPC member and want to be part of the event planning, for what will surely be another spectacular event, please contact me... the more lovely hands we have, the more we can achieve!

If you are not yet a member of NWPC LA Westside, what are you waiting for... visit


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