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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 274: Saying Farewell, Not Good Bye

Can you believe how beautiful the weather has been here in Los Angeles in January? Wow, just gorgeous. Perfect for hiking and of course my runs at the beach.

College boy Brandon wasn't too happy that the weather was so perfect as he headed back to rainy Oregon today. The Pacific Northwest is known for their extensive rainy, cloudy season. If you're an LA kid you either embrace the weather differences or you can't wait to return to the sunshine in sunny Southern California. My son is the latter.

Pictured here is proud Mama (me) with my eldest son Brandon.

But life chugs on and students have to return to college for the second semester. The best part of Brandon's next semester is that it's baseball season! He'll be back in LA in February for a series of games against local universities. And then we'll head up to Salem, Oregon in Spring to watch him play at Willamette.

So today was just a farewell, as I know how fast the days will fly before I see my big boy again. So to all my college bound kids, enjoy the experience and take full advantage of the gift you have been given. We'll see you soon enough.


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