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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 266: Campaign Kick-Off Day

Talk about bringing back memories! Today was my friend Marisa Perez's campaign kick-off for her race for Lakewood City Council. I've posted about Marisa several times before, and I hope you will consider supporting her candidacy

While I don't have the desire to run for public office again, my passion continues with supporting other qualified and talented women to run and win. Today we assembled at a beautiful park in the Lakewood community where Marisa was surrounded by family and friends. The park was full of parents and children and it just felt like a perfect match for Marisa, a young mom herself with three darling children.

From there off we went to greet voters at their homes to introduce them to Marisa and tell them why they should vote for her on March 8th. Oh my gosh, it brought back so many memories. The hours, and hours, and hours and days and days and days I walked my district. It's exhausting, painful, emotional, inspiring, gratifying and overwhelming. However, it is the old fashion way to campaign, and is the proven and most affective way to reach voters with your message. But is takes a very confidant and assured person to knock on countless doors and talk politics.

I walked with a former Chamber colleague Catherine Gaughen who is President of the Cerritos Chamber (a neighboring community) and we had a great time. Mostly because we adore the subject we were campaigning for.... Marisa is fresh, smart, and wants to preserve the quality life in Lakewood to raise her family.

I am hosting an event for Marisa at my home on January 27th and invite you to attend to meet my candidate and support our efforts to get her elected. It was a great way to spend Saturday, stomping for a cool woman, and doing what I have passion for.


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