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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 261: Dinner With Zoe

Tonight hubby Brian and I went to the movies and dinner with our niece Zoe, who is home from college for Winter Break. I love spending one-on-one time with my boys and all the other children in my life. While family gatherings are wonderful, spending time with just one child at a time, gives you a chance to really visit and connect.

Pictured here is Miss Zoe looking so hip!

Zoe now 19 years old and attending Utah State University in Logan, Utah has come a long way. We couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. She works full-time and takes a full load of classes. She's performing great with both endeavors. Not an easy task as I know.

We caught up on life, school, her plans for the future and I just kept flashing back to the day she was born. I was in New York with Brandon (who at the time was only 9 months old) when she was born and it was a day I can see so clearly. How did 19 years go by? Damn, this is when I feel so reflective -- not sure if I'm happy that so many memories have been created over the years or sad that so much time has passed? So many days I wish I could travel back to the days when all my nieces were young playing with my boys on the beach. I wish I could have frozen that moment, at least for a little longer.

Pictured here are the Bernstein sisters: Olivia, Esme, and Zoe.

But as we all know, life marches on and you've got to be present and active to absorb it all... spending the evening with Zoe tonight warmed my heart. While the journey to adulthood has not been easy for her or her family, she is on a healthy path of self discovery and what more could you ask for.


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