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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 244: My Baking Experience

For those of you who know me, you know I am capable of many terrific things -- however, baking is not one of them! I can cook and get dinner on the table, and it's pretty tasty too, but please don't ever ask me to bake. You have to follow the recipe and have exact ingredients, way too much focus for me.Bold

Well if you read my Blog Post #239 you know I was invited to a charming Cookie Exchange Party by gal pal Ruthie Bailey. Now I adore this women and her family, but yesterday morning as I was baking the cookies in advance of attending the party, I was cursing her name! I don't know what the hell happened. Gal pal Jill Offer and I made the delicious dough for my molasses cookies together, and she's a pro. I was left to bake them and I failed miserably! Not sure if I over cooked, undercooked, or what, but when they were finished in the oven they resembled nothing of a cookie!

Sure enough all the lovely ladies at Ruthie's 11th Annual Cookie Exchange party, baked delicious and beautifully decorated holiday treats. I felt like a looser. Oh well not the first time I've lost something!

But it didn't matter once I arrived, as Ruthie's house was full of holiday cheer and spirits. She served a beautiful & delicious lunch and all the gals shared their cookie cooking stories ... it was a beautiful way to spend a holiday afternoon. And what a lovely idea to gather all your gal pals together for some holiday sweets!!

This all being said though, being the competitive person I am, if I make the guest list for next year, you can bet I'll be coming with the best damn cookies! Happy Holidays!


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