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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 217: We're Outta Here

We are off ... car arrives momentarily to take us to LAX where we'll board our flight to New York! I will be posting daily about all our activities so you can keep updated on the crazy Simon adventures.

Honestly a part of me is a little nervous about us four - Brian, Harrison, Spencer and me -- flying together while college boy Brandon flies solo out of Portland on Tuesday. As a parent you can't help but have your mind do a number on your emotions... what if our plane goes down? What will happen to my first born son Brandon? What if his plane goes down and he doesn't reach us in New York? I have a pit in my stomach and will until we are all landed safely in the Big Apple.

I love my family to The Moon & Stars & Back Again and can't imagine life without any of them ... just my anxiety kicking in ... I love you all too!


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