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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 216: Leaving Town Madness

Why is it so difficult to get your family out of town? Why I ask, why? There's the endless washing & packing, and before that there's the shopping for the right clothes --- boys don't have winter coats so again it was off to the Macy's men sale to get them warm attire so they don't spend the week freezing in New York!

Then there's making sure that the house/dog sitter has all the proper information and instructions for handling your home while you are gone, then there's paying the bills in advance so you don't get hit with late fees for not sending in a payment on time.... then there's endless phone calls to make and return, emails to respond to, work commitments to attend to, yikes... getting prepared to split town is exhausting!

So we are outta here tomorrow morning early ... we will arrive in Manhattan by dinner time and will meet up with kid sister Jennifer & beau Kevin for a yummy Italian dinner at one of their favorite spots in their upper Eastside neighborhood.

On Sunday we have tickets to the New York Jets football game at the brand new Meadowland Stadium. We'll be taking the subway to the game with all the enthusiastic fans ... should be an experience. The boys have never been to a professional football game since our hometown Los Angeles doesn't have a pro team. They've been to plenty of college games but this will be their first professional game. Should be a great way to kick-off our week long adventure in New York.

So I finally made the packing decisions and have filled to the brim my huge suitcase. Don't know if I have the right items, but don't care at this point. I'm exhausted getting everything ready to leave home and just want to get there, get settled and get a Manhattan Martini already!


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