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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 156: A Race in Delaware

You say why should I care about a Senate race in the state of Delaware? You may even say where is Delaware? But if you have followed the news in recent days you are well aware that Delaware has been turned upside down politically.

Both candidates who made it past their primary and are now in a General Election in November, could not be farther apart from one another. And here's why it should matter to you.

I met Chris Coons tonight at an event hosted for his Delaware Senate campaign here in Los Angeles. You say why would I have attended an event for a senate candidate from Delaware? Well his opponent is a Tea Party Republican woman, endorsed by Sarah Palin (do I need to say more?) who believes we should have prayer in school, believes we should teach abstinence to our students, as well as creationism, believes being gay is a genetically immoral behavior, is anti-choice ... shall I continue or are you sick enough?

While I rarely dabble in National politics - for two reasons - One, I am a local political gal ... I want to have a say and influence on the issues that directly impact my daily life and I feel more empowered being involved locally. And second, National politics is expensive. But on Friday I received a phone call from candidate Chris Coons. Yes, a personal phone call inviting me to tonight's event and sharing with me why this race mattered to me - a woman here in Los Angeles. I have to tell you I was impressed.

Impressed that he took the time to make a call to me -- a low profile pisher donor and as a former candidate impressed that he was reaching out beyond his home state for well needed resources. Since his opponent won her Republican nomination one week ago she has raised a whopping 2 million dollars on line. So yes he needs the resources badly! So his personal call weighed heavy on me. And so did what was at stake if he lost.

A woman who would have a vote on all the issues I care deeply about could be elected to the US Senate and I couldn't allow that to happen. This woman wants to deny people the right to marry whomever they chose to; deny us the right to make our own family planning decisions; implement prayer in the classroom; and deny our children correct sex education while promoting abstinence as a sex education lesson plan.

So for many reasons that I care deeply about, I ventured out on a Monday night to support a man who is incredibly impressive - for his intelligence, his passion for the issues I care about, his poise and his commitment to help both Delaware residents, and all Americans get their lives back on track. I'm hoping you'll join with me to support Chris Coons -- anyway you can.

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