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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 155: A Tough Night's Sleep

Well, we are not sure about our new mattress. In our effort to get a firmer more supportive mattress, we may have gone overboard. Our new mattress feels more like a cement slab then a comfy support for your body.

If you have not purchased a mattress in many years, like most people as they should be good for some ten years, then you are in for a shock with all the choices.
So there hubby Brian and I were lying on bed after bed. Laying on our right, then our left side, then our back and finally on our tummy all in an effort to determine if the mattress was a good fit for us.

We both agreed we wanted a firm, supportive bed because we just have not been sleeping well and since our mattress was ten plus years old, we agreed that it was time to lend our back some more support. Hmm, not sure if we have accomplished our goal or not. It's been four night's now, and it still feels rock hard, but we are going to give it some more time.

There's nothing better then a solid good night's rest, and the older you get and the more you physically push your body, the more you crave a cozy supportive mattress to sleep on. We will see... keep you posted.


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