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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 144: The Annual Physical

Took the twin teenage boys for their annual physicals today. We have been patients of Dr. David Bluestone's since the boys have been born. It never fails that when I walk into his office I can still visualize myself schlepping there with two baby carriers, a baby in each, and Brandon the toddler shuffling along behind me. I would maneuver those boys like no bodies business.

Photo of Harrison & Spencer sleeping on Mama ...check out my t-shirt... it says VOTE ...

Nurse Laurie who has been with Dr. B for 35 years still remembers those days when I would come in for the boys visits. Every year now when I see her at the annual check-up she says how awesome and calm I was with those babies. Warms my heart every time I hear her tell me. Of course I remember the boys screaming getting their shots while I'd have to undress and redress them for their exams. Little did she know I was sweating like crazy and it was quite an act to keep three little boys happy while in a doctor's office.

Those are some of my fondness memories. I loved when Dr. B would say,"The boys look good Robyn. They have gained X amount of ounces and grown X amount of inches." Today's visit was measured in inches and pounds and you wonder where the hell did 15 years go?

I'm very clear on where all these years have gone. I have made a point of being present. Being present for all three of my sons. Giving up other activities or goals to be with them... and doing it happily with no resentment, no quilt. Because wisdom allows you to see that you have such a very short time with your children and then it's gone, so you better soak it up daily for as long as you can.

So as we made the annual trek to visit Dr. B I giggle thinking about how different the visits are now. Now the boys go into the room and see the doc on their own. I am no longer invited in because let's face it what 15 year old teenage boy wants his Mom around when his testicles are being examined! I mean really!

So as one son goes in I sit with the other, rubbing his back and remembering every year, every visit to the office that still has walls covered with endless photographs of babies including the three Simon boys... my heart gets warm, my eyes fill up but then they say something so funny that I laugh and I know I'll be okay... I mean it's not even my doctor's visit !


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