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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 133: Road Trip

The hubby Brian and the college boy Brandon headed out on their road trip Friday morning. They have safely arrived in Salem, Oregon as I write this post. First leg of the trip took them from Los Angeles to Redding where they crashed for the night. Then today they drove the second half of the journey up the coast to Oregon.

I can just picture my two big guys cruisin along in Brandon's Honda Civic. Father and son. What a wonderful opportunity for them both to have this time together to just "be" in each other's company while heading up the beautiful coastline through California to Oregon. An opportunity to have lengthy conversations; not rushed ones that so often occur as everyone is so busy. But a chance to discuss more in depth issues going on with one another.

When you are in the car together for some 14 to 16 hours you can learn a lot about what's going on in some one's life. And that's what my two special men did.

At first we were all scheduled to fly back to Oregon and help Brandon move in to his new dorm room. His freshman year he didn't take his car. But this year we thought it might allow him more opportunity to explore and get around if he had wheels. After researching what's involved to ship the car, we all decided that it was easier and less expensive to drive the car up. So hence a road trip was birthed.

I'm grateful Brian is such a marvelous navigator and coordinator. I knew Brandon would be in angels' hands as they made the trek. I'm grateful too that my big guys have had this time together.

Those times become too far in between as life can get so complicated and full. So they are snuggled into their hotel room for the night. Tomorrow brings another day. They will be moving Brandon into his new dorm room. Another school year about to begin. Another season. It's all part of the journey ...


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