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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 132: Meditation Night

Tonight I hosted some girlfriends for a meditation session. Thought it was a perfect night to be surrounded by some peace and relaxation. It's been a long, emotional week getting the college boy ready to head back to school.

Gal pal Rebecca Simon introduced me to a cognitive hypnosis therapist who she highly recommended. She suggested I have some of the girls over for a session to see what this type of meditation is all about. So tonight was the night.

We spread out on our mats on the floor and once we laid down and closed our eyes I thin
k most of us were already at peace. After a hectic day, week, one filled with lots of emotions everyone was in the space to just be quiet. Silence is sometimes so beautiful. Just to be quiet. I like the sound.

Luca Bosurgi brought his Tibetan gong and led us through a journey with the musical reverberations of the instrument. Pictured here are Luca and me before we began our session.

Cognitive Hypnosis takes your body and mind to a place where you are not completely asleep, but in a deep place where you allow your mind to let past experiences surface to be dealt with.

"Clear psychological blockages and childhood traumas. Reconnect with your spiritual guides. Remember who you truly are. Claim your personal powers."

Those that have engaged in Luca's treatments have been freed from past negative "junk" that we all drag around with ourselves. Sometimes weighing us down and not allowing us to move where we want to be.

Afterwards we talked about how this type of treatment works. It's a different approach to unlocking past experiences that may have left remnants that continue to trip us up in our daily lives. We all enjoyed the conversation and again the peace of just sitting comfortably. If you want to learn more about Luca's treatments, please visit him at

Then of course it was time for food & spirits. I mean what would a gathering at my house be like if it didn't include treats! Us girls sat and talked and enjoyed our relaxed state of mind. It was a lovely way to end an emotional day.


RAS said...

Robyn, what a lovely night! Thank you so much for hosting this meditation session. SO glad everyone enjoyed it so much! You are wonderful! Big hug & love, Rebecca

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