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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 123: A Miracle!

I just can't believe what GREAT news I received today! I was scheduled this morning to have a little surgery to remove some skin cancer on my chest. I had had a biopsy a couple months ago that came back showing that I had some cancer that the doctor recommended be removed.

So today was the day. I was dreading the appointment. Not because I was worried that this could develop into something serious, but because I knew that there would be a scar right in the center of my chest! Yes, I am vain enough to care that every time I wore a tee shirt or dress there could be this ugly raised skin staring back at me.

But to my huge surprise I went to the appointment today and the doctor couldn't believe her eyes. She said that the biopsy must have gotten all the cells and she didn't recommend digging any deeper! Can you believe this?! Of course she recommends lots of follow up appointments to monitor the area, but suggested no treatment today!

Sometimes really great things happen in your day and you are reminded of how blessed you are. This was certainly one of those moments. I am feeling very grateful and very blessed.

Now I get to take my college boy Brandon to dinner on a date ... just the two of us... the day couldn't be any sweeter.


Celeste said...

Happy news that you didn't require additional cutting! I now use a lotion with sunscreen on my face and chest every morning whether there is sun or not, just to be safe.

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