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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 99: Embracing Eastern Medicine

Took Spencer for his first Acupuncture treatment today. He has been experiencing severe neck pain for some time now. He sees our trusted chiropractor regularly, but has not received enough relief from the adjustments alone so we thought we'd incorporate Acupuncture to his physical therapy routine.

Gal pal Caren recommended an Acupuncturist who she and her son Jake have been seeing with great results. So Spencer and I ventured to Dr. Tan's Art of Wellness in Santa Monica. Got to hand it to the 15 year old teenager for not losing it with all this holistic and nontraditional therapies we introduce him too. Part of that is because all my boys have been seeing Dr. Khalsa, our family chiropractor since birth.

So there we sat Spencer and I in the waiting room that reeked of Chinese herbs awaiting our consultation with Dr. Qineng Tan. After our meeting Dr. Tan explained the needle placement and the treatment. Forty-five minutes later Spencer emerged from the treatment room like a zombie, in another zone, totally relaxed. I was so happy to see him be so calm and peaceful and hoping that our new treatment plan will bring him some relief from his neck pain.

Dr. Tan suggested a blend of herbs for Spencer to drink in addition to the acupuncture treatments. It's no fun living with constant pain as I can attest to since I live with it daily. My nerve pain in my lower back and tush area is a constant and it makes my intense exercise routine even more challenging. But Spencer and I are troopers and we keep on goin' despite the discomfort. Hopefully this new treatment will work and if he finds relief, I may just have to follow him into the treatment room for some needle injections too!

We will keep you posted!


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