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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 100: 100 Days Toward 50

Wow, I can't believe I have been 49 years old for 100 days now! And I'm even more surprised that I have written 100 posts to my daily Birthday Blog! It feels great to stay focused and committed to a goal that you have personally set for yourself.

Other goals I have stayed true to include my running and training for a Marathon in advance of turning 50 years old. Also, flossing, I've stayed true to this goal too! What goals are you working on? Are you keeping them? Send me a note with what personal goals you have set for yourself and how you are doing on that journey.

Writing daily about the musings of my life is very cathartic. You get to share the happy going ons and also vent about what's bothering you or pissing you off. You get to share interesting articles you read and lend your voice to them. You get to be inspirational and share anecdotes that might encourage someone to be uplifted. Or might make someone pause and think about something I have written about.

Remember when you were little, many of us kept journals or dairies. We wrote down every tiny little detail about our lives. What cute boy we liked at school. What teacher was a meany. What we thought about our parents and siblings. It was like a treasure book -- full of our life and everything important to us.

Writing a daily Blog about your life is really no different except it's shared with the world. One thing age offers you is the strength to not hide anymore what you are feeling. There's no reason to have a shield anymore... in other words what you see or read, is what you get.

I'm not trying to be the best of anything, I'm just trying to live each day to its fullest -- some days I succeed in this mission and other days I fall very short of this expectation. I hope you are enjoying reading about my daily happenings as much as I enjoy writing daily.

As I celebrate the 100th post, I hope you will share with me what more you'd like to read about ... you are on this journey with me and I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! 100 days down, 265 to go ... Time sure flies!! We believe in you Robyn!! xoxo

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Thank you so much for your interest in my 49th year! I appreciate your support! -Robyn