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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 87: Saying Thank You

I am a believer that when you do something special for someone or give a special gift to someone it is nice to be told "Thank you", however, I don't give or do for others in order to receive the thank you! I give or do because I love the person I am doing for or because I derive pleasure from making others happy.

This all being said though it sure is nice when you are acknowledged in a special way, especially when it is a surprise. We returned home this past weekend from our annual trip up to Bass Lake and the next morning when I awoke I saw a card sitting on my desk titled Mom & Dad.

When I opened it I couldn't believe it ... it was a thank you card from the three boys. It was a card thanking Brian and I for their fabulous trip to Bass Lake. It wasn't fancy. Didn't have a lot of writing on it. Wasn't homemade. But none of that mattered. What counted is that they said "thank you" for something that means so much to them.

Teenagers are a breed onto themselves, us parents of them know this first hand. They are forgetful and sometimes not the most polite in acknowledging all that is done for them. So this little card with all their signed names really meant so much. It was a sweet way to top off a vacation that if you read my blog you know was not the best for me... but the note was sure a warm homecoming!


Anonymous said...

Your kids appreciate you and Brian because you truly are so good to them ... and they (getting a little older) can see how very special you two are as parents! When a kid is mature and insightful enough to offer their thanks, you know the parents did something right!! :)

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