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Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 103: 1st Day in Las Vegas

Well we arrived safely in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon ... drove up in the new car with complete comfort! The three teenagers in the backseat all plugged into their technology -- Apple computers watching a movie! Brian and I had a chance to breathe and catch-up and just sit together! Life is always crazy for us and we needed some time to just "be" together in the same space!

Pictured above are Harrison, Olivia, and Spencer under the GORGEOUS floral garden at the Wynn Hotel. A must stay hotel for our next visit to Vegas!

Remember Harrison & Spencer have never been to Las Vegas before so you can imagine their surprise when we rolled into town and the chaos began! We stayed at The Venetian Hotel-- two suites and the kids were drooling! So were the Mom & Dad!

Pictured here to the right is Spencer checking out the "Venice Canal" at the Venetian Hotel!

After we dropped our luggage and oohed over the rooms we headed out to give the kids a quick tour of the property. Wow! Las Vegas is a food heaven for us foodies, endless choices of fine dining and casual eating!

The first night we had a beautiful dinner at CUT, Wolfgang Puck's steak house which you can imagine with growing teenage sons and the niece who loves beef too, this was the bomb of a way to kick start our trip! We dined, laughed and toasted that we finally got these kids on a road trip to the wild desert!

It was a sweet way to begin our mini getaway!


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