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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 102: Vegas Baby

We are loading the car up and heading to the Big Lights today! We are taking a road trip to Las Vegas with Harrison, Spencer and beautiful 17 year old niece Olivia. The boys have never been to sin city, I mean they just turned 15, why should they have been there before!

Given that we are such a foodie family, we will be checking out the great restaurants and hope they live up to the boys standards, especially budding chef Harrison! We have a list going of all the favorites we want to dine out... And I have always wanted to see the LOVE Show, the Beatles musical so we will be seeing this show. The teenagers should know who the Beatles are and be exposed to their music!

We've been told there's a roller coaster and Amusement Park at Hotel New York, New York so that's on the list as well. Spencer loves rollercoasters, me I can't stand them!
Then there's the M & M Candy Factory, a must!
We are staying at the Venetian Hotel for free! We used our American Express points and scored two adjoining suites! Look, we are spending the money anyway to pay for groceries and life so it feels good to get a little something back for our many purchases!

Brian and I love the sun and lounging by the pool so we are hoping to sneak some time to do this as we both need some downtime and relaxation, although I'm not sure how relaxing Las Vegas is! But just being with my family together on a road trip in the sun showing them a place they've never seen before will be a pleasure! And having the niece along is a sweet treat!

I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun stories to share! I only wish Spencer was 21 so he could play poker and win us some money! Ahh, soon enough!

Vegas here we come!


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