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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 62: Daddy's Day

To all the handsome men in my world who have fathered me and loved me, today we honor you! And to my hunky husband Brian who is the greatest dad a kid could ask for, today is for you too! My three sons are blessed to have a father who is so involved in their lives and provides a life that is so plentiful for them. (Pictured above is my family, with Brian center, 2006)

I can't imagine young boys not having a Dad or father figure in their life to coach them both on the field and in life; to hug them, love them, teach them all about being a man. The greatest gift a Dad can give his sons is being a role model on what a real man is... the way Brian treats me will certainly guarantee that my three sons will make great husbands someday because they know how to respect women and love them.

Brian has showed the boys the right way to teach people, to conduct an ethical business, to love, to enjoy life, to deal with loss, to have sportsmanship, to work hard, and to be empathetic. This is what we celebrate today... father's who have done their jobs correctly and left indelible marks on their children's lives.

While I believe that both Mother's & Father's Day are Hallmark Holidays, it's still nice to set aside one day out of the year to give recognition to the important parents in your life.

Today is also a day to give a big shout out to Papa Nat who we lost a few months ago. (Pictured here with Lovely Lois) Nat was an amazing father and grandfather and he enriched my life and my families life in so many ways. He loved his children with his entire being and his most favorite times were spent in the company of his family. Today as we honor all our Dad's let's also remember the Daddy's that are no longer physically with us, but forever in our hearts.


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