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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 57: End of the School Year

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the school year to be finished! I'm not talking about my school year, I mean the children! Good gosh this seems like the longest damn year!

I started to think about why that was. I mean last year was so much more complicated. I had one son, Brandon graduate from High School, and two boys Harrison & Spencer graduate from Middle School... that was insane with all the graduation activities going on and the emotional stuff attached to having one son leave High School to move on to college and two boys leave middle school to move on to High School. Whew, that was a busy end of the school year!

I didn't expect this year to be as emotional, but as it turns out, it's been a long year of newness! Navigating what it is like to have a child move away, yet really not be out of the home, while hoping that all is well with him many miles away. And then the adjustments of a new High School and all the "stuff" that comes along with that. If you're reading this post it probably sounds like I'm the one that went to school, not my boys! But the truth is that parents are partners with their children in their academic endeavors. And thus I do feel like I have been along for the ride, not as the driver, that's their job, but certainly as a passenger.

There was the adjustment to a new schedule, more challenging academics, tryouts for the baseball teams -- a grueling process that turned the Simon house upside down with its time & physical demands, and making new friendships. Hats off to the Simon boys for all navigating their first years in new schools very successfully!

And while parents don't really get "summer vacation" as we still need to work and manage the house, whether kids are in school or not, the vibe of the house is more casual when the house doesn't have the grind of school. That is what I am counting the days for! So next week, June 24th all boys will be finished with school and I know the house is gonna rumble with excitement.

Mom's going to be pretty happy to have a break too! Happy almost Summer!


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