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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 56: What I Wore

I went to see the most darling performance last night at the Geffen Playhouse Theatre in Westwood Village! It was so fun to take advantage of one of our local treasures here in Los Angeles! I have not been to the Geffen in years and it is charming.

I went to see the play Love, Loss, and What I Wore, an intimate collection of stories written by the famed writer of the Vagina Monologue Nora Ephron and her sister Delia Ephron. I went with my big sis Michele and gal pal Lisa and her sister Margie. It was a sister thing!

The show was a monologue with 5 women in different stages of their lives reflecting on clothes, the significance of attire in their life, and milestone moments of pain & loss and what they were wearing when experiencing these moments. For the four of us the storyline of losing a Mom and what you remember wearing to your Mom's funeral was very poignant. We have all lost our mother's.

There was a hysterical segment illustrating what it's like to shop for your first bra and what the experience is like later in life. We were laughing so hard when one cast member talked about buying a bra where the bra specialist says bend over and then properly stuffs your weighty things into the proper cup size. Reminds me of my regular shopping visits to Miss Stevens lingerie on Olympic Boulevard! If you have never bought a bra at Miss Stevens, you gotta try it as it's an experience!

There were stories about what you wore on your first date, to the prom, on your wedding day... and yes to your Mother's funeral. Amazing how clothes can be such a defining part of a woman's life. Why is that? We talk about clothes, shop for them, obsess over them, admire them, hate them, crave them, and always remember what was worn to the important events in our life.

The cast was terrific with Rhea Perlman and her daughter, Lucy Devito, and one of my favorite actresses Conchata Ferrell. The other two women rounding out the cast included Justina Machado and Nancy Travis, both excellent.

If you get a chance I highly recommend visiting the Geffen to catch this little performance. You will laugh, cry, smile and realize that fashion is far more then just the latest trends!


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