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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 20 & 21: Appreciate Motherhood

Happy Mommy's Day ! Ahh the Hallmark Holiday is here! While I find it a little silly that we have a special day dedicated to honoring Mom's, I must say I do like to be pampered all day long! It makes up (just a little) for all the days that we feel we are not appreciated for the work we do. And it is work, with no days off.

Mother's Day is a bittersweet day for me. I am blessed to have my 3 delicious sons and am honored to be called Mom by them, but I do not have a Mom to say Happy Mom's Day to. To all my sisters who have lost their Mommy's way too early, I share your pain & loss.

I also hold a place in my heart for Mom's who have lost their children. I can't imagine the hole in their heart. I really can't. I think about the young Lacrosse player at the University of Virginia who was murdered this past week by an enraged boyfriend; her mother will spend this day without her daughter. Or the young Chelsea King from San Diego who was killed by a monster. How does her mom spend this day? My heart aches thinking about this. And all the Moms here in our own city who have lost their babies to gang violence. How do they celebrate today? Or the young pregnant woman who just blocks from my house was gunned down this past week while standing on the sidewalk. No doubt her Mom grieves today for her daughter and her grandbaby.

So today if you are annoyed by your teenagers attitude, or their poor grades, or if your toddler has thrown one too many tantrums for you to handle, or your kid didn't clean his room up, take a moment to pause and appreciate how blessed you are to be a Mom, despite all the imperfections your children may have. None of us are perfect. We all have flaws and children are no different. But can you imagine life without them? Without someone on this earth calling you Mom or Mommy or Mama? I can't imagine my life without hearing those words. I wear that title with honor & pride.

And while parenthood is the most emotional roller coaster ride you'll ever take, it's my favorite ride.


Lori said...

Robyn,I played catch up today and read through many days of your blog - so sorry that I do not log on daily, but I so enjoyed readding them. I am amazed at how busy you are yet you still maintain a house, kids, husband, social and political events, and doit with such grace and poise. I ended the blogs with Dani's Mother's Day note to you. Hers, along with all the rest of them, made me cry. Your mom would be so proud of you! PLease take care of your ulcers and gall stones. That can be serious and it really seems like you have no downtime, so pleae be careful. Last but not least, mazel tov on completeing the 10K. What an achievement! I love you and am also proud of you!

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