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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Go Willamette BEARCATS

College boy Brandon is in Boise, Idaho this weekend for a three game series with his college BEARCAT baseball team. It's 22 degrees as he heads to the mound to start the game.

Since I can't travel to every game, the next best thing is watching the game stream on line with all the stats. So for two hours today I sat screaming at my computer monitor with every play.

Wish I could be at all his games. It was a sad day as the Bearcats lost 6-5. Brandon pitched great, but the team left 11 players on base. This is a picture of what I watch.
See the little diamond... and see SIMON on the mound.

Just seeing his name makes me happy and feel connected. Every pitch I scream "make it a strike baby!
" Looking forward to traveling to Willamette in Salem, Oregon in a few weeks to see him play in person.


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