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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 27: Our Boys Are Back In Town

Yay! The college boy's are home for the summer! My son, Brandon Simon, and gal pal Suzee's son Brandon Bank both returned this week from their respective colleges.

In honor of their completion of two years of college mama bears Suzee & Robyn took the big boys to their favorite meal of sushi!

Check out these beautiful boys. Here's Suzee with my son Brandon.
.. Gorgeous!

If you haven't heard the story over the past twenty years... here goes... Suzee and I gave birth the same day twenty years ago, both to beautiful sons and we both named them Brandon!

Pictured here is me with Brandon Bank... what a handsome young man!

They've been pals ever since and Suzee and I have shared a bond of raising them together. I feel as if her son is like my son and I know the feeling is reciprocated on her part.

We laughed, talked about the time we took them skiing when they were barley three years old, how they have grown, how proud we are of them... it was a moment... our Brandon's out on a date with their Mama's...


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