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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 18: More Birthday Fun

I was turning 50 and our fabulous family friends' son Tanner was turning 16 so we all decided to celebrate in style together!

Here's me with 16 year old Tanner... best pal of my son's Harrison & Spencer!

& Steve Savitsky and their children, Tanner & Nicole,
Jenny's mom Pam, and Brian, me, Harrison & Spencer cruised in luxury in a limo to a delicious special dinner at Saddle Peak Lodge in the Malibu hills near Calabassas. We sipped champagne while cruising along the beautiful coastline and laughed the entire way!

It's so nice to spend your milestone celebrations with friends
you love and doing something really different & fun.

Pictured here are all the lovely Mom's, Pam, Jenny, Me and lovely sister Nicole!

The boy's loved the Lodge and of course were adventuresome and tried game-type meats! We had a great evening celebrating birthday's and friendships!


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