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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 7: Survived 50 for One Week

Well I survived my first week as a 50 year old woman! And what a week it has been! I've spent wonderful times with friends celebrating this milestone birthday and I feel as if the celebration just keeps goin' ...

Pictured here are gal pals Stacy Bell, me, and Lissa Solomon before we went out to celebrate!
Don't we look fabulous & 50!

Most of my lovely lady gal pals are turning the big 5-0 either this year or in the next one or two so we are all facing the same issues of dealing with age, what we want out of the next 50 years for ourselves, our families, and who we want to spend our precious time with. No doubt this makes for some lively & truthful conversations.

I'm in a place where really I don't want to take bullshit anymore nor be in the company of people who are toxic. So this is my new mantra... I'm tired of being nice when you have offended me so I'm not going to pretend it's okay that you have disappointed me.

As I said in one of my Robynisms, I Expect A Lot Because I Give A Lot...

It's a new decade and I'm choosing my company much more wisely!


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