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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 355: Aries Baseball Mom's

I adore my baseball Mom's. That's right, my baseball mom's. These are the women I spend HOURS with in the stands. Schmoozing about our son's; tracking the game activities; gossiping a bit about anything; I mean the games can run over two hours, some three times a week so seriously, you have to have some bonds to chat the hours away!

I had lunch with a baseball mom today to celebrate our shared Aries Birthday's. Too fun to talk about our boy's, their talents, their weaknesses, what the future could be for them... I'm grateful for these ladies.

Can you imagine if you didn't bond with your baseball gals how long these game could be!
Today was another game, thank goodness a victory for our Palisades Team. Life is sweet.


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