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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 350: More Maintenance

My routine has now become so extensive and involved that it takes me two days to get my act together to be presentable! Damn when did this all happen?

We are attending a friend's 50th Birthday party tonight so it's off to the hair salon for perfect curls with a slight up-do, it's off to the manicure shop for cuticle cutting and fresh nail polish, it's off to the cosmetic counter for fresh
new sparkling lip gloss... sometimes I'm more exhausted prepping for the party, then I am from attending our soirees (ha-ha).

No one ever said getting older would be easy, but damn this is a bat
tle. I feel like I'm at war with my bulge, gray hair and everything else in between!

Well, don't you worry I'm going to WIN this battle if it kills me!


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