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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2: Day 2 of Being 50

Still trying to determine if I feel any different now that I'm 50? Hmm, not really! It's been a marathon of celebrations... all fabulous!

Pictured here are me and my darling Miss Rebecca Simon at the National Women's Political Caucus 50 for 50 Event!

Today the hubby Brian and I headed to San Diego for four days to attend
Harrison & Spencer's baseball tournament. We are having a blast!

Nothing better then being with my boys and my man watching baseball! So much fun to watch all these teenager's play competitive ball! And who knew it would also be a little get aw
ay for the hubby and I to reconnect after a whirlwind of Birthday festivities!

It's been fun hanging with all the baseball families and getting to know everyone better! Long legged Harry pitched an entire game today against a tough opponent and he rocked it baby!

While the opposing team had an obnoxious coach and student athletes who consistently haggled Harrison, he never wavered.

True leadership on the mound and a real treat to watch. It was a victorious game and one of those moments for Brian and I ... just magical... life is really good today!


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