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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 326: The Day After

Well there is carnage, that's for sure. How could two of my women incumbents lose their seats? How I ask? Damn!

Beverly Hills City
Councilwoman Nancy Krasne, a true champion for her constituents, lost her seat. Nancy was a great supporter of mine when I ran for LA City Council and I'm just heartbroken over her loss.

NWPC endorsed candidate Lili Bosse did prevail so I am happy to welcome her to the council and to elected life... I just wish she was going to be joining Nancy on the council!

West Hollywood City Councilwoman, Lindsey Horvath lost her bid as well. Damn. I wrote a lot about Lindsey's race and the ugly tone the campaign took... what a disappointment and loss for us all. I'm heartbroken for her too!

Incumbent WeHo Councilwoman Abbe Land did prevail so thank goodness we still have her voice on the council.

And as I wrote last night, my
Marisa Perez, candidate for Lakewoo
d city council lost her bid too. And we wonder why more women don't' run.

Let me tell you a positive story...

Marisa called me this morning to debrief the campaign
and reflect on the outcome... during her campaign a professor from Long Beach State University had offered his government class students an opportunity to receive school credit in exchange for real life experience working on a campaign.

ome 60 students showed up to work on Marisa's campaign after she visited their class and spoke passionately about why she was running. They volunteered by walking precincts, making phone calls to voters, assembling & delivering lawn signs... it was real hands-on experience for these students.

The professor phoned Marisa today to say he thought she ran a positive, professional campaign and thanked her for her interaction and mentoring efforts toward his students.

He then gave her the best compliment a candidate could hea
r, which brought her to tears... He said, "Marisa, you gave my students HOPE ...."

I cried too when she told me this story.
The truth is in life we get so few opportunities to really make an impact and a difference, whether it is in our community or with young people.

showed these students that a young woman with a family and a passion could launch a professional campaign and have class throughout it all.

that is a gift that continues to give whether you win or lose.


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