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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 320: GOTV

Get-Out-The-Vote... I was back phone banking tonight in West Hollywood for Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath. Yikes the campaign has developed such an ugly tone.

Pictured here are Lindsey and me at the 2009 National Women's Political Caucus Calendar event!

Why can't voters just use their ballot to mark their decision... why all the nasty comments on Blogs, FaceBook, trash
y newspapers... you want to support a particular candidate, great go for it, and if you don't then exercise your right and vote for the candidate of your choice.

When I was running for LA City Council, in a city and district multiple times larger then West Hollywood or Lakewood where Marisa Perez is running or Beverly Hills where Lili Bosse & Nancy Krasne are seeking election, the Blog-machine was a war of words. Nasty, negative, unproductive garbage was posted about me and other candidates as well. Just rhetoric based on nonsense. And very hurtful too.

Marisa called me
today to say she had read a very nasty post about herself on a local Blog, I immediately said, "Don't read that garbage!" It's mean spirited, full of lies and is written by people who have nothing better to do then right crap on the Internet.

Ah, such is the life of a candidate. There are good days, and there are rough days. You do have to be tough, thick-skinned and believe that you are running to make a difference.

I applaud all my sisters who are on the ballot next Tuesday, Election Day, March 8th! So Get-Out-The-Vote for these wonder women!


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