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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 318: One Week Until Election Day

Okay kids, we've got one week to get the message out about our endorsed candidates! What are you doing to help make this happen? I hope you can take a couple of hours over the next week to support one of your favorite candidates be victorious on March 8th.

It is very important that women, and these women, hav
e a voice for the policy that will be set forth in your communities. If you have not read my previous Blog posts about who I am's a recap.

In the city of
West Hollywood I am supporting incumbents Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath.

h in a tough battle, especially Lindsey, who was appointed to office two years ago and has push back from some who were not happy about the process. The campaign has taken a very ugly tone. I phoned banked again last night for these two candidates and believe me any time you can give to connect with voters and encourage them to support Abbe & Lindsey, will make a difference.

If you have never made calls on behalf of a candidate, join me this Thursday at Abbe & Lindsey's campaign office and we'll do it together! I promise you will feel so proud that you took an active role in your civic responsibility!

Beverly Hills I am supporting incumbent Nancy Krasne and first time candidate Lili Bosse.

Pictured here is me with Nancy at an event that she attended on my behalf when I was a candidate for city council.

Both Nancy & Lili will continue to serve their city well and make us proud!

In the city of Lakewood I am supporting Marisa Perez. She too is in a very tough race, running against a very entrenched bureaucracy where council members have held office for 30 plus years. On Election Day I will be pounding the pavement for Marisa encouraging her supporters to get out and VOTE.

These are accomplished women and they have made a very tough decision to run for office. I know this first hand. It is tough, emotional and personal to run for office and be pounded everyday by your opponents and naysayers. Please do what you can to ensure a victory for these fabulous women who will truly make the decisions you would make if you were in their role!


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