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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 280: Trolling for Votes

Today was a gorgeous sunshine day in Southern California! A day to be outside that's for sure. I spent the day walking precincts for my friend Marisa Perez who is a candidate for Lakewood City Council. Nothing like getting out and meeting voters face-to-face!

If you have never stomped for votes, I recommend you give it a try. It can be very empowering and invigorating. It also can be very frustrating to see how few people really care about who their elected leaders are... yet they are probably the loudest complainers!

Walking door-to-door today brought up a lot of emotions for me about my own campaign and the experiences I encountered when knocking on my neighbor's doors. Residents in the 5th district in Los Angeles, where I ran for city council, were far more rude and hostile then in the small town of Lakewood. It's also different when you are not the candidate. It's not as personal. It's hard to stand at someones door and have them size you up, make rude comments, slam the door, or yell at you ... yet it is the most effective tool when campaigning for a municipal race.
The personal connection leaves an indelible mark on voters. They are impressed that you have come to their door, taken your time to share a candidate with them.

If you really want to help a candidate win, their are two invaluable tasks you can perform to ensure victory ... make a contribution & walk on their behalf! To learn more about my friend Marisa, visit


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