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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 272: Dinner with the Girls

Had dinner tonight with two Mom's from college boy Brandon's high school days! What a treat. I adore these gals, but with life as chaotic as it is for us all, we do not get to see one another as often as we'd like. I find that true for most of my wonderful friendships.

Lina Fabrizio is Ricky's Mom, one of Brandon's high school chums and Michelle Simon is Matt's Mom one of Brandon's pals from the Pacific Hills baseball team.

All our son's are turning 20 this year ... where have those years gone? The boys are all in college, the road has not been seamless, as is true for many adolescents who struggle to find their niche in this world.

As parents you attempt to raise your children with the tools to conquer life, some they adopt, others they reject. Raising children is an endless journey ....

So us Mom's had fun catching up, eating, drinking our wine, talking about everything from our husbands to sex to parenting.... no topic was left untouched. And that's what us gals do, we share, bond, communicate ... it's refreshing too to be in the company of honest friends who don't sugar coat life...

Life has blemishes, and warts, and sometimes it's ugly, being able to recognize that and share our thoughts and emotions with other terrific women, is very cathartic. To all my wonderful girlfriends who are challenged with their marriages, their children, work, weight, family, what ever the poison may be today, know that we all go through it, and we are all on the ride together.


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