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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 256: Are We Tired Yet?

Whew, you have to be a pro to handle the Holiday Season! My goodness, so much for "down time" ... I feel like I'm running, yet I really haven't been hitting the pavement!

It's been parties, dinners, shopping, talking and going, going .... all fun, but hey this bod ain't as young as it used to be and I'm feelin' it!

Maybe it's all the champagne? or Wine? or Martini's ... yeah that might be playing a role in my exhaustion (ya think so?).

Anyway we had a lovely dinner tonight with Brian's ACN team member and ACN mentor Mark Weinstock and his adorable wife Lori. I've talked about hubby Brian's new business venture, ACN, and Mark is the person who introduced Brian to this opportunity more then one year ago and it's taken off ever since.

Let's hope it continues to be successful for the Simon's and the Weinstock's and all the others who are engaged and workin' it! Mostly because I'm going to need a long, expensive vacation after the Holiday's!


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