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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 219: SECOND DAY: Lady Liberty in New York City

Oh my gosh another fabulous day here in Manhattan. Gorgeous weather for walking and exploring and that's exactly what we did all day! After sleeping in to recover from Sunday's whirlwind we made our way to one of my favorite little restaurants that Jen had turned me on to when I visited her back in April. I knew I wanted to take hubby Brian and the boys there when we returned in November.

Pictured here are kid sis Jen and I looking stuffed from a scrumptious lunch. I look a little sleepy from the delicious glasses of wine I drank at lunch ! That's what I love about a vacation ... you get to drink wine at lunch!

LUPA, is one of the original Mario Battali establishments. It's a small Italian restaurant in SOHO and it is worth the headache of trying to score a reservation to get into. It's that good. I mean let's face it, us Simon's are extreme foodies. The best quote of the day was coined by Spencer who turned to us and said after eating tongue and brain cheese (I'm not kidding ... he really did eat these items and I had to look away every time he took a bite) ...

"This is the best day time meal I've ever had."

Brian and I thought we'd die from laughter. Gotta love a 15 year old kid who will be that adventuresome with his food and say something like that!

From there we hit the city for sightseeing. We walked to Washington Park where New York University is located and all around the cool neighborhoods and shops in this pocket of the city.

Pictured here in Washington Park are Harrison, Dani Grossman, and Spencer. The sophisticated teenage travellers!

Then we headed to Battery Park on the Hudson River where the magnificent Statue of Liberty is viewed brilliantly. What a sight ... it always gives me goose bumps to see our lady Liberty in her greatness and know that every one's ancestry's at one time travelled these waters to enter our great country. An added treat is that our dear friends Howard Grossman and his daughter Dani were in town too and we hooked up with them for our afternoon sightseeing.

Pictured to the left are the Simon boys with good friend Dani Grossman and Aunt Jennifer and me.

Then it was off to see Ground Zero. A somber but significant visit for all Americans. The boys asked a million questions about that harrowing day in 2001 and how it changed us for ever. A very poignant visit to make if you ever get to New York with your children.

Pictured here are Harrison & Spencer viewing the devastation and now construction taking place at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

And what would a night in the city be without another fabulous dinner! When I was in New York visiting Jen in April another favorite restaurant of mine was The Harrison, in the Tribeca neighborhood.

Given its name and its delicious menu, I knew I wanted to go back with the family. So off we went for another meal.

We had a beautiful round table and Kevin, Jen, Brian and I and the boys devoured another tasty meal. Laughing, talking and just enjoying each other's company.

Jennifer and Kevin have been such gracious hosts, putting us up in their apartment, making reservations at all my favorite places, and making so many logistical maneuvers to shepard this group through the city. We could not be more appreciative of their welcoming arms and hospitality. It's been amazing to be in the city with them at this very beautiful time of the year and my favorite time of the year.

Pictured here is the restaurants' namesake, my Happy Harrison and his proud mama.

I am deeply grateful that my wonderful husband agreed with me to take this adventure and break from our tradition of hosting Thanksgiving. While I am sad to not share the holiday with all my family, I am grateful to be with Jennifer and her family and to be with my boys. To just enjoy them away from our home and all the craziness that life offers. We were able to spend hours talking, enjoying, and laughing and that is a gift I will always treasure.

You can not go back in time. You have to make the memories now, capture what you can especially when you are raising teenagers. Time is so very precious and I feel as if the time we had today and the past few days here in New York with my family has warmed my heart and soul.


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