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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 213: Serving With Super Women

Tonight I hosted our monthly NWPC Board meeting here at the house. Wow, what a super fun & productive meeting we held. Wonder if it was the wine or just our fabulous energy. Most likely a little bit of both! Either way it was a great way to celebrate our November victories... all our chapter's endorsed candidates won their elections! This alone was cause for celebration.

Check out the fabulous women I serve with on the NWPC LA Westside Board, from left to right:
Karriann Farrell Hinds, Rebecca Simon, Serena Josel, Betsy Johnson, Barbara Greene Ruskin, me and missing from the photo because she was taking the picture is co-president Lindsay Bubar!

And of course there was a lot of work to be performed. I have profiled my connection with the National Women's Political Caucus, and the organization's mission to see gender parity, many times on this Blog. I believe more women should be elected to office and in order to achieve this goal we need to fill the "pipeline" as they say ... meaning identifying possible women who demonstrate leadership capabilities, then mentoring them, guiding them and helping them run and be victorious! Sometimes a woman just needs to be asked to run!

So yes in addition to handling our chapter's business as officers on the Board, tonight was also a time for us to connect, eat & drink and celebrate our hard work over the past year in getting some superstar women elected to office.

If you want to learn more about NWPC and our chapter's activities, please visit and become our friend by joining NWPC LA Westside's FaceBook page! Also mark your calendars for our annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 16th at the Stone Rose Lounge at Sofitel Hotel. This is a great opportunity to mingle with elected leaders, candidates and empowering women. Hope to see you all there!


Anonymous said...

Robyn, You are AMAZING! Thank you so much for hosting us last night. Super fun and productive! I feel so blessed to be in your life. You are an incredible woman Miss Robyn! Huge hug, R

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