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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 166: 30 Plus Years To Wait

I am outraged. I am disgusted and I am really angry. How can a monster who was sentenced to die some 30 years ago still be alive and living on death row? I mean how much pain as Americans do we expect a family to endure? Have you been following the case this week in California where a death row inmates' execution was stayed ... wait for it ... because the lethal injection may not be "right".

Okay yeah I'm sure the two young girls aged 14 and 15 who he raped and then one that he murdered -- by strangling her with her own shoe lace -- didn't have the "right" methods of death applied to them either. I mean are you kidding? I think I'm going to throw up.

His last victim, a 15 year old girl from Riverside, California named Susan Jordan, walked her two younger siblings to school, then was walking herself to High School one early morning back in 1980. A piece of garbage grabbed her, raped her, removed her shoelace from her own shoe, and strangled her in a dirt field. I need you all to breathe, and pause for the gruesome, heinous crime that this was.

And as if that wasn't enough, he then called her family and taunted them by saying, "your daughter Susan won't be coming home from school today."

What sick mother fucker does this and lives for 30 more years because the State believes it isn't the right fucking lethal drug to kill the bastard?

Can you sense my outrage? I hope so because it is shameful and we should all be angry.

Look, do I believe that there are innocent people in prison, yes. Do I believe that mistakes can be made and death is final, yes. Do I believe that God maybe should have the only right to take a life, maybe. But there is no wavering on this case. The DNA, the evidence is rock solid. This bastard murdered a young girl while out on parole from prison from raping another girl. There's no mistake here.

California voters voted for the Death Penalty and it's criminal that it's not applied. Instead your tax dollars have fed this monster three meals a day for 30 years. You've paid for his medical needs, his dental needs, anything he needed.

I have been obsessing over this young woman. How afraid she must have been during her final moments on earth. If she were alive, she would be just 4 years younger then me, 45. Maybe she would have gone to college. Maybe she would have discovered a cure for cancer. Maybe she'd be my friend. Had children. Worked toward peace around the world. Cared for her elderly parents.

The possibilities of her life have never been fulfilled because some disgusting person felt that his needs were worthy of her life. And you want me to feel sorry that the lethal injection may be a little painful? Just stop it ... All I can think about is her family waiting 30 years for the nightmare to maybe be over. But is it ever over? Their daughter is DEAD and they were robbed of her life.

End this nightmare.


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