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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 164: An Old Friend

Tonight I attended a fundraiser for West Hollywood City Council member Abbe Land. Abbe is not only a terrific public official but she has been a great supporter of mine for years and throughout my campaign for office. She is up for reelection next March 2011 and I wanted to join her at her kick off campaign event. All was good there.

As I was leaving the venue on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood I ran right into my dear, dear, wonderful friend Igor. If you remember, Igor is the "man" from my old stomping joint, Orsini's Ristorante on Pico. He now runs his own joint up on Sunset called Isla.
I had my, "I Lost but am Endorsing Paul Party" at Isla..." Many of you attended that shin-dig. Bittersweet event.

Well this man has been so good to me for so many years I could not pass up a chance to join Igor for one drink up at his place ... so there I was ... sitting at his bar reminiscing about the old times, asking where the years had gone, catching up on family, work and his business. Ah, such comfort...
Sometimes it's the people you see least, but have made indelible impacts on your life, that you feel the most comfortable with and the most excited to spend time with...

Who will join me to go visit Igor up at ISLA in the next week or so... I didn't get enough of an Igor fix! Let's go!


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