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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 162: Running With The Dolphins

Took a beautiful early morning run at the beach today and was greeted by an exciting treat! I'm running along and look over and there are dolphins jumping in the ocean. What a sight! Just beautiful! And not just one or two dolphins, some 10 graceful dolphins leaping from the water.

Many of us forget that we live next to one of the most beautiful beach's in the world here in Southern California. One of the perks of my son's Harrison & Spencer attending Palisades High School is that we get to drive on Pacific Coast Highway everyday and take in the gorgeous coastline. One of the perks of me taking up running has also been enjoying our beaches as that's my favorite place to run.

There's something very peaceful about an early run on the beach with the ocean and fresh air joining you the entire length of your run. And taking in the coastline and it's beauty is just very invigorating. Seeing the dolphins this morning really made me happy ... graceful, free, and a beautiful pleasure to take in for us humans.

If you haven't visited the beach in awhile... go take a walk, a run, or a bike ride and breathe in the air and view the beauty of the ocean!


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